The Go-To Destination for High-Quality Spices and Exceptional Service

Kalka Exports is a leading player in the spice export industry, specializing in the sourcing, processing, and distribution of highquality cumin seed and coriander seed from India.

With a dedication to excellence and a focus on meeting the diverse needs of our global clientele, we pride ourselves on delivering premium spices that encapsulate the rich Flavors and aromas of Indian cuisine.

Committed to sustainability and ethical practices, Kalka Exports stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking authenticity, reliability, and exceptional service in the spice trade.

Professional Excellence

Kalka Exports strongly believe that the best way to gain and retain customers is through achieving excel at our work operations.

We thus invest in adopting modern techniques and methods to bring forth a top-notch product line in the market.

To preserve freshness and aroma of our spices, we have invested in a state-of-art in-house cold storage facility. Our team is committed to provide highest-quality spices all year round, having appropriate arrangements for an in-house cold storage Facility.

Market Excellence

  • Wide market reach
  • Professional skills
  • Tailored packaging solutions